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'Invisalign Go!' is a clear aligner system which works to move your teeth into a more aesthetic position. 'Invisalign Go!' only works on the front 10 teeth, so for some cases it is best to see an orthodontist to consider fixed braces ('train tracks'). The aligners are almost invisible and need to be worn for 22 hours each day. They are comfortable and discrete, and very predictable. Over 6 million smiles have been transformed with the Invisalign system.  

Key points:

  • On average treatment time 3-4 months (can vary)

  • Digital simulation of final result can be viewed before treatment commences 

  • Lifetime retainers are recommended to prevent relapse

  •  Discrete, comfortable, carry out your day to day life whilst transforming your smile 

Prices from £2,550 single arch treatment, £3,300 dual arch treatment (including whitening and retainers).

Please contact the practice to arrange a consultation. 

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